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    Oct 8, 2014, 9:04 AM - Revans Mask #1

    Hey guys!
    I just thought I'd share with you my very first "build".
    And by that I mean last piece of clean-up and painting :P oh yeah and some gluing!
    I bought the Revans Mask from DrunkenMynoch and it was already very clean, so I didn't really do much.
    Anyways, pictures start now!
    First I sprayed it in silver.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And when it was dry I masked it up where I didn't want any red paint.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	xFLOOM.jpg 
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    After this I started painting the brighter red color. I used a water based model paint since this will only be a display prop and not a costume.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used a regular brush for this. I was not completely satisfied with this result yet, but I knew more work was coming to it I just felt like I had to wait and see.
    Next I painted more red, but this time mixed with some black in the same kind of model paint.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LE7qNf.jpg 
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    And since this paint was still kinda fresh on the mask, it was like a rubber layer. I felt that I could just carefully scrape off color where I was unhappy of just wanted some weathering.
    And speaking of weathering! I used some black model paint and a lot of water to get some "dirt". I painted on this solution heavily and then wiped it off carefully with some paper. I did that for quite a while until I was satisfied with the results.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LA82kh.jpg 
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    And with that done I felt that I managed to get rid of this plastic look it had before.
    Now all I had to do was get the visor in place, provided also by DrunkenMynoch
    This is the end result. I must admit that I am very pleased with the result, being my first paint-job and all

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WxCNNQ.jpg 
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    So, what do you guys think?


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    Oct 29, 2014, 12:19 PM - Re: Revans Mask #2

    That came out really great. The Revan mask is maybe one of my favorite Star Wars masks.
  4. redkraytdragon's Avatar
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    Oct 30, 2014, 2:04 PM - Re: Revans Mask #3

    Great job
  5. DanielS's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Oct 30, 2014, 2:05 PM - Re: Revans Mask #4

    Thanks guys

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