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    Feb 28, 2014, 9:45 AM - Refurbishing a SDS Stormtrooper Helmet #1

    A long time ago I bought a SDS Stormtrooper Stunt helmet which had some damage and was priced accordingly. It had two fairly large cracks under the left chin and some cracks inside the cavity where the mic tips attach. After removing the helmet from storage a couple of weeks ago I noticed that some areas have began to yellow over the years too. Thankfully the cracks haven't worsened but I feel it's now time to repair them and paint the helmet before it deteriorated further.

    I believe the helmet is made of 2mm Styrene. What methods/materials can I use to repair the cracks? I thought of patching behind the crack with a piece of plastic or backing it with fiberglass, but I'm afraid of heat generated from this warping the plastic. Is there a type of suitable/flexible bondo that can be used on this kind of material too, to blend in the front face?

    To the trooper experts, what kind of base colour paint is suitable for screen accurate troopers that will adhere to the material?

    Old pic, the plastic around the crack has yellowed a lot since it was taken.


    Haven't posted here for a long time either but I'm looking at rebooting my helmet collection, will be starting a new ESB Fett helmet soon too I hope )
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    Feb 28, 2014, 2:43 PM - Re: Refurbishing a SDS Stormtrooper Helmet #2

    I actually cracked a GINO styrene helmet on the chin one time and asked around on FISD... This is what I did... there is "poor mans fiberglass" take an old undershirt and rip off a piece, soak it in super glue and put it on the inside. to re-enforce it then a bit of automotive Bondo (the red kind comes in a smaller tube.) sand the Bondo and repaint the entire helmet. good (Accurate) paint to use is the Krylon gloss white (that was a recommendation from Gino). It does yellow a bit over time but that's how they are.

    as for the other parts I know RS makes (accurate) ESB Decals. and of course:

    If you want to see a picture of my patch job, let me know....

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    Feb 28, 2014, 3:25 PM - Re: Refurbishing a SDS Stormtrooper Helmet #3

    Thanks for the reply, your method sounds just about crazy enough to work A pic would be very helpful if you have one. Would fiberglass (epoxy?) resin work the same way as superglue?

    By RS do you mean RS Props? Im actually getting a Fett helmet from them, might pick up a few spare parts for the TK helmet whilst I'm at it. I'l be getting one of their TK helmets later in the year too because the SDS isn't as accurate as it should be. The front faceplate looks great so it does make a nice display piece but the back section is way off.

    I think I remember reading about Krylon gloss white too, not sure it's available in the UK though. Cool link too, never seen trooperbay before but I've been out of the loop for a while.
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    Mar 6, 2014, 4:00 PM - Re: Refurbishing a SDS Stormtrooper Helmet #4

    hey sorry it took so long, I wasn't replying from home before.. I was mistaken about where the crack was.. I was lucky enough for it to crack right where the bottom most screw was on the ear cap (under the ear cap).. It was fixed and reinforced with a wife beater (tshirt) and some superglue. after it dried it was strong enough to drill a new hole into and re attach the bottom part of the ear cap...

    I didnt use fiberglass epoxy, but as long as it can soak into the fabric like superglue, i would say its worth a try.

    Yes, RS Prop masters. Rob over there can point you in the right direction... they have some pretty sweet stuff. I have one of their HDPE helmets that I built and made ESB. it's awesome! trooper bay is alright. you can pick up that "Humbrol" paint probably easier someplace else. you need that gray, and gloss black (AND a satin black if you want to do ESB).

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