Other costumes (pics)

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    Other costumes (pics)

    Only last year I had my first Star Wars costume, a Stromtrooper

    Within a few months I bought a complete Snowtrooper. I think the Snowies are underestimated, they are cool 8)

    And finally, I am almost finished with my Jango.... So, three costumes in one year....should be enough

    Some pics of my costumes.....

    At the premiere of Clone Wars, I am on the left hand side

    PR for the TFU game, I am on the right hand side

    Snowie pose

    At the Dutch Space Expo, I am in the back and someone else is wearing my Snowie

    And of course, Jango......

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    Re: Other costumes (pics)

    awesome collection you' ve gathered!!! Are they all up on mannequins?? that would make for an impressive sight!!

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    Re: Other costumes (pics)

    no, they are in suitcases...
    except for jango who I want to put on a mannequin for display

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