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Old Republic Trooper

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    hi guys this is me model for pepakura (WIP),addition to the Sith costume that comes in the videos


    excellent very good helmet


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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    It would be awesome to see a full scale version of the suit. I like how its not all plastoid components etc.

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    I want to do this as a project for SDCC2012 (went this year, and I KNEW I had to get geared up for next year, plus I love Star Wars/Bioware) So I was thinking that I could use a set of clone armor to use a base. I think it's possible, but it would be weird to use two different types of materials (I was thinking I have the plastic base armor and then add on...with some material. I honestly dont know)

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    Look forward to seeing this in work!

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    Hey Freely, i'm looking forward to seeing how your project comes along, I also want to build one of these.

    Yobbo that came out great, you got some mad skills to put that together from parts.

    MatrixSkull, that looks awesome, I also plan on going the pepakura route. When you model for pepakura do you just model the basic shapes or will you be putting more detail into your file? I ask cause i've only ever modeled for animation and never for pep.

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    Bringing this thread back from the dead

    Austin Comic Con

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    holy crapballs yes!!!!! looking great

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    Laser, that helm has just become my second favorite helm next to dynamic1's ray park helm. Great job brother.

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    Re: Old Republic Trooper

    Wow, THAT is really awesome work! Nice job!

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