new here..

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    new here..

    Well I'm new here and I like to share with you my costume creations. I'm posting everything I've done in a blog Here is explained (in Spanish, soon in English) how I was doing, always using materials found around and improvising a lot and I have good results, I am also thinking of new projects like a Ultimate Mandalore that I have to be ready to September.
    Here are some of my creations.
    Name:  n1111360851_30178388_7423.jpg
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    Name:  P1010855.JPG
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    Bone Gaderffii
    Name:  P1010856.JPG
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    Bone Gaderffii
    Name:  P1010849.JPG
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    Tusken Mask
    Name:  P1010838.JPG
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    Ligth Saber
    Name:  P1010851.JPG
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    Re: new here..

    Blog Updated!!!
    Tusken Clothes!!!!

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