Need help with Stormtrooper Helmet ears

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    Need help with Stormtrooper Helmet ears

    Unfortunately I'm not sure what "make" of helmet I have exactly. I got this HDPE kit off of ebay and this is my first bucket. I've watched countless videos, spent probably close to a few hundred dollars on everything from the kit itself to the paint to the tools with my burger king money, soo of course I'm scared to death that I'm doing it wrong. Unfortunately I'm working on this with three weeks left before I go to basic training. I want this helmet to be as close to an original as I can get it, so if I have to spend more money, or if I have to wait until I'm well out of army training to finish this, I will. Being my first helmet, I've been trying to follow the picture references and "how to assemble a stormtrooper helmet" video on Youtube as best I can for the basic stuff. Here's what I have so far:

    First I cut the excess plastic off the faceplate with an X-acto knife
    Attachment 77550

    Then I cut the excess off the back and cap and fit it together with the rubber brow cut to the appropriate length to see how it fit
    Attachment 77551

    Attachment 77552

    Up to this point I think I was doing okay but now I'm concerned about the ears

    You can see that there is a major gap. I'm pretty sure I cut too much off. In addition I'm not sure I am fitting the helmet correctly

    I don't know much about drillbits so drilling the screw holes in will be with assistance from a friend, so I really want to make sure I get it all fitted correctly so that the drill holes are put in the right places. I have some air-dry clay that I may use to fix the ear but before I do anything I want to get as much advice as I can. If I have to buy a new set of HDPE ears I will. I appreciate any help I can get.

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    Re: Need help with Stormtrooper Helmet ears

    as you seem to have already done some research concerning Stormies I'm quite sure you've stumbled across the Stormtrooper Detachment (403 Forbidden).
    I don't want to deny there are people around here knowing a lot about Stormies as well but that would be definately the place to put your question.
    Anyway I think your helmet looks quite good so far. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice concerning the ears. They are tricky for sure.

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    Re: Need help with Stormtrooper Helmet ears

    Looks like your doin fine to me! The ears are by far the hardest part to get right! Check out this thread on the FISD:
    403 Forbidden

    Its a different make helmet, but the ear trimming is all the same. It shows a step by step

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    Re: Need help with Stormtrooper Helmet ears

    Thanks! I'll check both links out

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    Re: Need help with Stormtrooper Helmet ears

    Hi, I know it's been awhile since you originally posted, but I have a set of TK coms (ear pieces) that you can have if you'd like to pay the shipping. If you would like them, just PM me or post here and I'll work with you to get them to you!

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