Kid Rex Costume Progress

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    Kid Rex Costume Progress

    Hi everyone,
    It's been a long time since I posted anything, but I thought I'd post a link to some progress pix of my daughter's Kid Rex costume. I'm converting last year's Clone Grunt to a Capt. Rex. I'm going with the "realistic" style since that's the armor we've got.

    I used rubber cement as an inexpensive masking fluid, note the shoulder bell. The mantle is scratch-made and still a WIP. I'll be weathering the armor with a black wash and sponging it on. I'll post pix later. Still gotta make the bucket.

    She'll be 9 in September and wants to "troop" with the 501st.
    As always, constructive comments welcome. Thanks.
    Chris B.

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    Re: Kid Rex Costume Progress

    Ha I'm man enough to say it; that's adorable. I hope when I have my own little clone army, they're as cool as your's!

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    Re: Kid Rex Costume Progress

    Coming along very nicely Southern Hunter! With regard to scale, how doe's the size compare to an average, adult set?

    (to my Santa Barbara friends who clicked on this via Facebook, please scroll up to the top of this thread )
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    Re: Kid Rex Costume Progress

    Nice work!

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    Re: Kid Rex Costume Progress

    Roughly 85% of adult scale. I used that for her custom mando armor and gauntlets also. If you're interested in kid sized costumes send me a P.M. and I'll get you the contact info.

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