jango/boba helmate mod

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    jango/boba helmate mod

    this is my first post, i joined because i found the instructable on how to make a boba fett helmate out of cardboard.

    i was wondering, since there so similar. how hard would it be to modify those plans to make a stormtrooper helmate. are there cardboard plans like the boba helmate for a stormtrooper helmate?

    any info would be great, thanks

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    Welcome. To modify a boba or jango to a stormie would be an insane amount of work because they really aren't similar. However, there are some pepakura templates out there for stormtrooper helmets but there is a fee to download them. Unfortunately I don't have the address because the fee was ridiculous. At least I thought so.

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    well thats ironic, the point of making it out of cardboard was to keep costs to a minimum. i beg to differ though, ive done alot of research, and the stormie helmets are flared at the back and sides, have the pods on the sides, and a "nose" section. those are the only real differences i could see. just wondering if there was anyone who attempted a similar project?.

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    No one has tried, and t_bone already said why: Both are completely different helmets. Sure you could use the fett helmet as a base to build up from, but you won't see any of it when your done.

    Pepakura is cheaper though, and you can still use cardboard. Just print out the templates, tape them to a piece of card board, and cust away and assemble. The program is only $30, and you can even make the armor if you have that file.

    Either way, you'd still need bondo or some other body filler to smooth out the crevases and surface.

    Do-able? Maybe, but only as a base, and even that's a strech.

    Try doing some research here: http://www.starwarshelmets.com/

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    i was only planning on using the fett helmet as a base. ill look it up some more. would the "pepakura" templates be available via torrent?

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    Possibly. I've never looked into it.

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    i found a really nice free one off another site

    looks good
    im gonna print it and go from there, thanks for the help!

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    Re: jango/boba helmate mod

    That looks pretty decent. Give it a shot.

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