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    May 26, 2012, 6:10 PM - *INTEREST THREAD* Magma (RED) Trooper (TX) - RED ABS kits! #1

    The red ABS run DEPOSIT/SALE THREAD is live!

    Go to the 501st For Sale/For Trade forum and order your kit now!

    Fellow TX enthusiasts on the TDH boards:

    I've found a caster who is willing to do a run of RED ABS TK(TX) kits (armor & helmets)... but in order for it to be cost effective, he needs to be able to sell a minimum of 30 kits.

    While the price is obviously not set (and I wouldn't be the one setting it), you could expect the full kit to cost in the neighborhood of $500-$600. These would be untrimmed, ANH style TK kits, much like the black ABS kits currently being offered by some casters.

    I believe the last run of red ABS kits happened a decade ago, and they were FX style kits with GIGANTIC helmets. I would think there must be at least a moderate amount of interest in these...

    Please chime in if you have a serious interest in possibly obtaining one if a run were done. No obligation, but I am trying to guage the real interest at this time so we can continue to move forward with discussions of production.

    Safe Troopin'!

    - Andy

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    Jun 5, 2012, 3:37 AM - Re: *INTEREST THREAD* Magma (RED) Trooper (TX) - RED ABS kits! #2

    Interested parties -

    We are holding steady at just about half the interest level necessary to make the run viable. In numbers that's about 16 kits and a couple helmet only takers... unfortunately the interest threads cannot be run in the "SALE" postings, because it's not an actual available product yet. I believe that is where many parties who would actually buy the armor would look, as opposed to in costuming or 501st only threads.

    I am confident that, if a run were done, every kit would sell. The problem is that the armor maker has to make a huge outlay of cash to purchase the ABS, and no one is going to be comfortable making that kind of a financial commitment with only a hunch driving the potential for sales and return on investment. While the demand may not be as high for the red as, say, the black TK kit, just the opportunity to craft a red TK would generate huge buzz and subsequent sales.

    I will check in with the armor maker and test the waters. More to follow... hopefully positive.

    In the meantime, I'd encourage anyone who would like to see this happen to spread the word within their Garrisons/Dets and get others on board. With the numbers of 501st Troopers out there, there simply have to be at least 30 folks who want to build a Magma Trooper.

    - Andy
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    Jul 4, 2012, 12:15 PM - Re: *INTEREST THREAD* Magma (RED) Trooper (TX) - RED ABS kits! #3

    Fellow TX enthusiasts and soon-to-be(!) Magma Troopers -

    Another great day for the Empire is nearing...

    As of today, I've had expressions of interest for at least 26 full red TX kits, and possibly as many as 28 (there are also a couple Troopers who've said they might want a kit, but are reluctant due to various reasons - I have not included them in the count).

    We are so close! Only a few more and we can actually begin the process of producing the first large run of red ABS in over a decade - and you are going to be a part of it!

    I'd respectfully request that you poll your Garrisons and fellow Troopers to solicit the interest we need to begin crafting the next generation of Magma Troopers.

    As a refresher: ballpark price for a full kit w/helmet is $550-560; helmet only approximately $150 (helmet kits include neck and brow trim, lens material, hardware to build it, and mic tips - no decals).

    Thanks for your support and interest, and let's get across that threshold together to make this run happen!

    Happy 4th!
    - Andy
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    Oct 9, 2012, 7:53 PM - Re: *INTEREST THREAD* Magma (RED) Trooper (TX) - RED ABS kits! #4

    The red ABS run DEPOSIT/SALE THREAD is live!

    Go to the For Sale/For Trade forum and order your kit now!

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