Han in carbonite

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    Han in carbonite

    Hi there guys,

    Ive only just joined and apparently I have to wait another 4 days before I can reply in one of the other areas of the forum however I was trying to get a message to "stormrider" in one of his threads and it may be to late to reply in 4 days as he is currently making moulds of Han and would like to let him know that I would like 2 of his latex moulds in his next batch that he is doing

    If someone could please possibly copy this link and post it on his link letting him know that we would like to get in touch with him once we have forum privileges to reply, that would be great and really appreciated.

    His link to his thread is here


    I just thought it would be murpheys law that once I got to reply to this thread in 4 days time and told him that we would like to put an order in, he would reply with...."Im so sorry, if you would of let me know a few days ago"...kinda thing

    Any help is appreciated guys

    Thank again so much


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    Re: Han in carbonite

    Hey sexton, I'm also up for one of these. Maybe we should work together.

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    Re: Han in carbonite

    I too would like to be on the list for stormrider's next run. I have tried to reach out to him but have not received a response yet.

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    Re: Han in carbonite

    Received a response from stormrider, looking forward in receiving my full body mold.

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