Custom Mandalorian - Skira Reed

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    Custom Mandalorian - Skira Reed

    Hey guys!

    I introduce to you my armor, how I came to build it and how it looks like, from the concept to the "finished" (Beskar'game are NEVER finished XD) armor.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Idea / Design


    The first concepts looked like the pictures above. My first idea was a army green color. It took me about one or two months until I had the final concept done.
    It was somehow the hardest part of the whole armor: To become clear "WHAT do I WANT?!".

    I talked with many people about it and when I got my name "Skira" I came to the result: Skira is the Mando'a word for "Revenge". In the mandalorian culture the color for revenge is.....GOLDEN.
    So why not make it golden?!

    The "final" concept was done:


    I wrote "final" like this because it still wasn't finished: I decided, I wanted an other helmet.
    The second Pre Vizsla helmet!


    2. Armor making

    Ok the concept was done.
    After messing everything, fiting the paper templates and getting the plates it was time to work hard!!!
    (Special thanks to my boyfriend Jaro Krieg who helped me a lot at this point.)

    1. finished plates 2. first painting 3. weathering added

    My boyfriend made the first full metal, female sized Pre Vizsla helmet.
    It took some time, but I love it!!!

    Here are some pics:
    wip_full_metal_pre_vizla_phase_ii_helmet_by_jarokrieg-d7jkue5-jpgName:  ava.jpg
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    1. WIP 2. finished Buy'ce


    thanks for reading until now. ^^ Here are some pictures of my Beskar'gam as reward!
    (More pictures will follow by time.)


    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Custom Mandalorian - Skira Reed

    Very nice!
    How was the armor painted ?
    The first picture on the last row gives me a kinda Fem Sheppard from Mass Effect Vibe.

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    Re: Custom Mandalorian - Skira Reed

    Thank you!
    It was just normal spray paint you get in the DIY market. XD Difficult to explain in a foreign language...
    The weathering was made with acrylic colors, painted roughly on it and then washed the most of it away.
    Fem Sheppard? Yeahhh....thank you!! That really is a compliment!

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    Re: Custom Mandalorian - Skira Reed

    I just realized, Custom Mandalorians go to Expanded universe topic.....
    Could some Mod please move my thread to the right place? Thanks

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