Costume Retrospective RS13

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    Costume Retrospective RS13

    Though I have not posted here in a while, I thought it might be fun to share this photo my friend and I put together over Halloween weekend;

    This represents many hours (years) of my costume work.

    I am a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I am also a part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I love how that works out.

    Photo/costume change marathon; With my friend Nathaniel Fremont behind the lens and four hours of daylight, we shot each these costumes, one after the other, in my backyard, even as the weather turned. (Note the rain drops on some of the suits.)

    Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg
    Darth Bane
    The Clone Emperor
    Prince Xizor

    It has been a long, wonderful, learning experience. And I intend to go much further.

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    Re: Costume Retrospective RS13

    As always man. Fantastic work. Your such a huge inspiration to me.

    Keep it going!

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    Re: Costume Retrospective RS13

    I doubt we'll ever see a better Dirge than that. Your pic with with Fett's has been my work desktop for well over a year now

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    Re: Costume Retrospective RS13

    While I've seen the other costumes before (and they are excellent), I've never seen your Prince Xizor. Truely outstanding. Don't think I've ever seen a Xizor costume before.

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    Re: Costume Retrospective RS13

    Excellent! I saw the Imperial Knight and Darth Bane at CV... really amazing work!

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    Re: Costume Retrospective RS13

    Excellent work! your costumes are really amazing.Keep it going..

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    Re: Costume Retrospective RS13

    Strong work Thomas. It really is amazing to see all of them together especially after having witnessed the birth of most of these.

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