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    Sep 20, 2016, 1:41 AM - Converting the 48" TFA Stormtrooper Toy Figure to Wearable Costume #1

    Hey guys, thought I'd share my progress on here with my battle buddy 48" figure conversion. What makes mine a wee bit different? Going to add a few 3d printed mods and add ons! I've went ahead and removed the blaster and added a grip to reuse it as I know many folks just trash it. I used the grip file from the5thhorseman as a base and modified it to be hollow and slotted to work with the toy blaster. I probably cut off more of the handle then needed but it works and is still a firm hold. Gives it a better hold now and improves the look. I just used my grayish white ABS material, acetone smoothed it and super glued it on when it was still slightly soft.

    Here is the link to download it:

    Stormtrooper Ep7 48" Figure Blaster Grip by shenphong - Thingiverse

    Left it as is and colored it with a black marker.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Using the rubies 2 piece helmet that I'll slowly upgrade. Added new lenses and mesh material for the frown.

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