Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

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    Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    I had an opportunity to troop with Michael McMaster's and his great R2-D2 last month. He posted this clonetrooper poster on our forums. I have been trooping since 2002 and it's always exciting to see a R2 unit a a event. I was Boba Fett for this one (Yes, I know I need to darken up my new Boots).
    BTW, I did cleanup the photo a bit in photoshop but I did NOT do anything to the clones in the photo. They really were standing exactly how you see them...

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    Cool images Darren!

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    Nice 501st clones! How many kids can say that they had Darth Vader in their class! Nice work Bros! Too bad there is'nt a pic of the kids smiling faces....Im sure they were ear to ear.

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    Yeah, we have 3 R2's in our local group, The Adirondack Outpost. One of them is going to be converted to an R5-D4. They never cease to amaze me and make me feel like a 10 year old kid again.

    DW, no disrespect meant, I just wanted to ask, is your flight suit really that dark or is it the lighting in the picture ? It just seems far more blue than grey. I haven't dyed my suit from Carole yet and I'm paranoid about adding too much Evening blue.

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    They look great def pushing me to start my clone trooper helmet

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    that is an awesome pic...

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    That so funny

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    Re: Clonetrooper Motivational Poster

    This is why I love this community so much

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