Hey guys this is my first thread although I've been viewing for a while now. I'm starting a rather ambitious project and need some advice. I'm trying to make a collection of every single variant of clone trooper helmet there is. I've been searching for weeks and have just about all the pep files but there is one major roadblock I'm running into and that is how big to make the helmets. The helmets were all designed for the same person seeing as they were clones so all of them have relatively similar dimensions. According to the MR clone trooper phase II helmet it is 13.5" for that design. This is HUGE when fully built though. The pep file for phase II is built to 350 mm (MR size) but it seems as if 260 - 280 mm is a far more in proportion size. Does anyone know why the canon size is so large and what would be the most appropriate size for making all of my helmets too?

(I'm 5'11", same as a Clone)