Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

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    Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    Thought I'd post some photos of my progress as I'm almost ready for a trial run as soon as I get a few more pieces.
    I went with rivets on outside/velcro inside as my skills are not to the seamless level, but IMO it looks pretty decent considering it was my first hard armor build from scratch ever and with the exception of some advice I did it solo.
    Here's the photos...

    Here's what I still need...

    Better visor, I'm using ****** one until I can get some assistance with getting a good kind and to install it as I assed up one of the mandibles on the inside.

    I've got detail parts lined up so that's done
    Need belt, trying to find a REALLY cheap one, or someone that will work with me on payment
    The right bracer once our armourer gets around to pulling it
    Figure out how to do the elbow/knee pads
    Attach hand plates to gloves
    Make boots and get the strap.

    Not alot to be done, but hopefully it'll go quickly, I REALLY want this done by this year's christmas parade. Having it done in time for the pumpkinfest would be outstanding, but I'm not holding my breath

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    Just so you all know the "*" cencored the word for poopy that is spelled c r a p p y, funny how it censored that but not assed?

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    gotta love that weathering!!!!

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    so did you make the armor yourself or is it someones kit?

    my clone kit just showed up today. it's at the post office though. i'll pick it up tomorrow.

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    Not bad for a first try of any armor. The weathering, however is way over done. If you can wipe some of it off, I suggest giving it a shot. Also, the rivets don't look very good and are highly noticeable. If you can't take them out and bondo the seams, at least paint the rivets to match the armor.

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    It's someone else's kit, I just trimmed/fit/painted you know. The weathering, to me is acceptable. War is dirty, and I wanted that fresh from the battlefield look, but I do see spots where it can be lesseded up some, I'll get to work on that. I'm poor with bondo, so I'll probably just be painting rivets, like I said my skill isn't awe inspiring, so this is the route I took.

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    Very nice work, now that dude has been through War!!!


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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    mandosoldier said: View Post
    Just so you all know the "*" cencored the word for poopy that is spelled c r a p p y, funny how it censored that but not assed?
    or bastard good job by the way, how is this done? vacuum forming? or did you buy etc.

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    Re: Clone Work (Pic Heavy)

    the helmet was cast, I'm not sure by who, I bought it form a fellow 501st member who couldn't fit hit head in it. The armor is vacuuformed.

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