Clone trooper arms (Pepakura)

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    Clone trooper arms (Pepakura)

    I've lost interest in modeling a full suit of clone armor, so I'm releasing the .obj file of the arms that I've done. These are NOT accurate by the way, but close enough to fool the casual observer. I used pics of skip's clone armor that he was working on as references as well as pics from various armor kits and trooping pics. This armor is very low-poly and most parts were modeled symmetrically so the right forearm and left forearm are identical as well as the biceps. I'm not assigning any usage license on this file, so break it up, use it in game mods, or whatever. This is free for anyone, anywhere, for anything.

    Download it here.
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    Re: Clone trooper arms (Pepakura)

    look decent to me. Thanks much!

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