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    Jun 27, 2012, 10:57 PM - Another Tusken on the way. #1


    This is my second build for the local Garrison, the other being the SE Fett. I am making progress on the Fett, but in case that it won't be finished I decided to get another costume on the way. Tusken seems to be easy and relatively cheap to make, and I opted for that one. It is easy to store too...

    I finally go it to some stage as to get some photoes taken with it on.

    The mask is SC one, and is on loan for repairs. I took advantage of this, and tried it on my melon, to see how thight it is. Fits snuggly, and is not too unconfortable, my melon being a little on the large size, do not know why, no exess gray matter there...

    These photos are taken inside without flash, and I am surprised how the weathering looks in pictures.

    Most of the fabrics were from local Garrison members, who are also helping me with my Fett

    I am missing the ammunition bandoliers, and the breathing filter ( I am going for the New Hope Tusken here.).

    The boots are old rubber boots, and the glue did not hold on the fabric too well. I need to get another type of boots and stronger glue and re-do them.

    The Gaffi stick is scratch built, from a tree that was mangled by a snowblower on last winter. I sawed it, left it to dry and then sanded the shape. The pineapple shape was done by taking another piece of drift wood, and lathing it to the shape. It still needs the Mace end, though, but overall I am happy with it.

    The costume still needs much work, but is there anything that sticks out that I need to fix?

    Nevermind the mask, it needs to be repaired, and returned to the owner, I am making my own when time allows.

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    Jun 28, 2012, 6:00 AM - Re: Another Tusken on the way. #2

    Nice! I like the weathering too. I just got a SC mask too. I riveted it together and cut out the eyes/ peripheral vision holes. Its lightweight and fits nicely.
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    Jun 28, 2012, 9:55 AM - Re: Another Tusken on the way. #3

    looks like your off to a good start!
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    Jun 30, 2012, 5:39 AM - Re: Another Tusken on the way. #4

    Thanks for the compliments!

    My Fett is currently paused, as there is some work to be done, and the people who are doing it are on a well deserved vacation..

    But, still...

    More work on the Tusken.

    There is talks of many future Tuskens for Finland, and to that end, I borrowed some Plastiline, and set out to make our own vac for buck. Not that there is anything wrong on the ones currently available, but with these anyone wanting a mask does not need to wait for runs or shippings. And, it gives me the opportunity to give back something, and try my skills.

    I had the advantage of Studio Creation mask, and the pictures on the internet on my sculpt.

    Few hours on the morning, and the basic sculpt is beginning to resemble what it should be. The red eye thingies are spools from a trheading machine, they are right sized, and there is abdundant supply of them. Just need to be thickened and sanded smooth..

    Sideways, this is a problematic as I cannot tell from the sculpt if it is correct. Taking a picture and comparing it helps on the matter greatly. As I was working on the Ecto - 1 model, I could not see that the roof I was making was not formed that good, and afer taking pictures from the side, I could tell that more sanding was needed.

    Ugly, yes, but getting there. Next to the SC version.

    What do you think? I know that the rims around the eyes could be a little smaller, that can be done easily...
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    Jun 30, 2012, 11:46 AM - Re: Another Tusken on the way. #5

    Looks cool!
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    Jul 1, 2012, 2:37 AM - Re: Another Tusken on the way. #6

    A little morning update.

    I build up the edges of the jaw section, and the mask looks less like a Jolly Roger without the crossbones. I also rounded the eye bases, so that the vacform buck will be rounded. These are gonna be covered, so no hard edges are needed.

    I borrowed a tusk from the SC mask, as they are just screwed on. Looks like my sculpt is getting near.

    This pic is from Godzilla Tusken mask, Notice the 'pumpkin' shape of the head, and the more rounded lower bit of the jaw/snout.

    Should I add these to my sculpt, or what do you think?

    I know from the SC mask, that the bottom of the mask could be a bit wider, as it is pain to get on an off, due to the edges being so close. I fear the my sculpt will be too narrow for confort...

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