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    Aug 27, 2010, 7:11 PM - xD well what da ya know i forgot to introduce me self... #1

    im 72555 that is my designation number a name i can not give for my own personal reasons...ive been a big star wars fan ever since i first saw the movies and have always favored the mercineries for some currently working on a Jango Fett open seasons Jango and Myles...any questions or anything that you guys wanna ask me feel free to drop a pm...oh and btw just for the heck of it and to let everyone know i listen to all music that i find pleasant to my dont take no offence if i sometimes say i dont like a serten song from a serten band..oh and just for the heck of it again i should warn you i am a comunist by choise and do believe in equality among people and in the real democracy but i dont care much for what other people are by political choise its their choise to make so i leave it to them...

    am here to have fun,make a few costumes,make a few friends(hopefully) and enjoy the mandalorianness of life

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