Hello everyone.

I am a stay at home Dad of two boys (2.5 yrs & ~ 6 weeks). The oldest boy and I do a lot of SW stuff, play legos; pretend light sabre battles; read SW books; watch SW...you get the idea. My oldest son's best friend is quite tall for a 2 year old, so when his Dad said "Hey! They could go as Chewie and Han for Halloween this year! (2014)" So started my quest to find props and "how - to's" on the net and I am choosing Boba Fett, well let's be honest...he's awesome! As I got over whelmed with all the stuff on the net. I stumbled across TDH when I was trying to figure out how to make the helmet. I thought ok this can't be that hard... I found the 2010 toy helmet for 20 bucks and that will do for now. But I needed the blaster so back I came to TDH and here I am. I would like to eventually have a full costume but 2 growing boys and reno'ing a house; I do not have lots of time. Hopefully I can get the blasted done by halloween...wish me luck

wI'm glad I found this place...now down the sarlacc pit we go!

- Drew