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    Hi, I'm from the UK. Sheffield specifically for any Britons here. I'm a 25 year old filmmaker (the type that doesn't earn money). A few weeks ago, without any provocation or inspiration, I decided I wanted to be Boba Fett. Out of everyone I know, I tend to go a little crazy over Halloween costumes and one year I hope to have a Boba ready in the wings for next year or the year after.

    When I was little, all the kids would be playing football but my small band of mates would be re-enacting Star Wars on the school playground. I'd always get picked to be Luke given my (then) golden hair and haircut, despite my protests to be Han or one of the bad guys. So I guess it's only natural that a need to cosplay Star Wars arose. For the past two Halloweens, I've been the red Power Ranger, so I have experience prettying up resin casts and adding visors which should help me out for this project.

    Last year, I toyed with the idea of building a stormtrooper outfit but funds and sheer work shied me away from it. I have a feeling Boba is just as difficult if not moreso, but I'm happy to find that out later rather than now.

    I'm still undecided on which Boba to recreate. I initially skewed towards ROTJ as it's the more familiar, but ESB is pulling me back in too. It will most likely be a highly inaccurate no budget build due to my lack of funds, but after some lurking I was thrilled to find this place is not as elitist as I first expected.

    So I hope to get along with everyone and mine you all for Boba information with endless questions!

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    Welcome man
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    Re: Sup?

    hello and welcome

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    Re: Sup?

    Thanks, hopefully I can start a build soon.

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