I am Dustin B. for a while I have been wanting to make some beskar'gam and a buy'ce so I decided to actually take it up. I am using a lacrosse helmet for my buy'ce and I am focusing on a Urban Guerrilla Warfare type paint scheme. Durak is based off my character on a SW RPG Forum (www.jedivsith.com) so I have a basic grasp on what I would like to do:
-Sleek Buy'ce
-Urban Fatigues
-Vietnam Era Jungle Boots
-Carbon Fiber gloves

Here is some pictures of my buy'ce:

Before paint and any customizations:

After a little paint:

The front taped up so that I can see where I need to make the cuts on the face guard to have a T-Visor:

Thats all I have on the buy'ce for so far.

I am also working on a Verpine Shatter Pistol.

With out paint and fully assembled:

Still without paint with the barrel removed making it a "Tactical Pistol":

Still in the TP mode now with paint:

Fully Constructed, still am going to do some touch up and add some black/green accentings:

Anyone got some tips or pointers or ideas to help me move this along?