Su cuy'gar from Mississippi

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    Su cuy'gar from Mississippi

    Hello all! You know, I've been stalking on these boards for a while, getting ready to start on a Boba Fett costume, and it didn't hit me till today that I had not made an introduction post yet! So here it goes!

    I was born and raised in Mississippi and I still call it home. Live here with my wife and kids, really just an old dog trying to learn a new trick. Currently researching and planning on making an ESB Boba (the search function is your friend!) and am right at the point of taking my first big steps.

    It's been great watching you all from afar, and just reading some great posts has shown me a lot. Now to get down to business!

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    Re: Su cuy'gar from Mississippi

    Welcome to the forums and enjoy the build.

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    Re: Su cuy'gar from Mississippi

    Welcome home hunter BlueMilkRun, here is the best place to build you costume, you life is gonna change for ever................

    my url:

    SESION FOTOS DE ESTUDIO JACKSON RONDON Photos by snowaure | Photobucket

    Pedro Nieves's (snowaure)'s Library | Photobucket

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    Re: Su cuy'gar from Mississippi

    Welcome there is lots of knowledge here , best of luck with your build.

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    Re: Su cuy'gar from Mississippi

    Thank all. Great to know that a place like this is around to help out poor old fan boys like me. Right now I am working on my project binder, but soon... soon I will be able to start pulling my hair out!

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