Su cuy'gar

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    Su cuy'gar

    Hi all, my name is Brenton. Recently I picked up a Republic Commando novel and have become a little hooked.

    My screen name, Kal Marantz I created almost ten years ago. He was a starwars character that I wrote some small stories about. I beleive he was a Corellian Cargo Hauler, turned republic pilot. Kal, I stole from the title of a book about the biggest outback community in australia, Kalgoorlie. And Marantz is the stereo system.
    I had a little giggle to my self when i started reading about Skirata,

    So yeah totally unrelated to the Mandalorian.

    Funny enough Kalgoorlie is now where I live, currently manufacturing mining explosives.

    I am also fairly active over at the GhostbustersFans forums, Charlie Richter is my handle over there, Been building proton packs for a while now, so I thought i would have a go at some Mando Armour.

    Hope to get to know some new friends.

    What ever.

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    Re: Su cuy'gar

    Cheers. Welcome to the fray. Feel free to ask for help or advice at any time. We're a friendly bunch, when fed progress pics. lol

    Good luck with your Mando.

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