Hi Guys

Long time Star Wars & Boba fan, 44 from Livingston, Scotland.

Earlier this year I was reunited with my vintage figure collection, believed lost for over 20 years. Anyway, this led me to joining SWFUK a few months ago, and start trying to complete my loose figure collection. I have always been a huge Boba fan and have picked up the odd collectable over the years.

Recently I picked up a MR .33 scale Fett Blaster and it started me thinking about a full size replica. I started doing some research and obviously discovered this site. So after a few weeks of lurking I have taken the plunge and joined.

I am now lusting after a full ESB Boba build so here I am. However, was paid off two weeks ago for the second time this year so this will be a long slow build until my finances improve.

Anyway, look forward to getting to know some of you along the way and picking your very knowledgeable brains, as I progress.

Cheers Marc