Salutations from SoCal

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    Salutations from SoCal

    Hey guys, I've been a long time viewer and admirer but I'm just starting to post and do my own work. I have two large projects I'm working on:

    creating my own set of beskar'gam for the mandalorian mercs
    creating a full line of every clonetrooper helmet variant

    I'm well on my way with my beskar'gam and am currently working on building a Z-6 style jet pack (just finished resin and planning to post WIP thread shortly)

    my second project is far more extensive, ambitious, and possibly suicidal. My plan is to create every single clonetrooper helmet variant (excluding a few animated series ones) that has seen screen time. I'm planning on doing them out of pepakura/resin/rondo/bondo. I realize the scope of this so it's going to spread out over a year or more.

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    Re: Salutations from SoCal

    Welcome Ace,
    where in So Cal are you located? I have many "in the hobby" friends all over So Cal.

    My favorite Clone lid is Commander Bacara, Id like to own one of those.

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    Re: Salutations from SoCal

    Fullerton, OC.
    I personally favor the clone airborne trooper but I still have plans for Bacara. I will likely be doing cast of them once I complete them. I'll message you once I have it completed if you'd like.

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