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    My fellow Dented Helmet members, I thought I would reintroduce myself since when I joined the Dented Helmet in February last year, I was tied up a lot with building an astromech that I did not participate on the Dented Helmet. Well, I am in the final stages for my first astromech and the second will take some time. I am now ready to get my feet wet with a ESB Boba Fett build. I am excited about this. My last Boba Fett build was in 1996 with a Don Post Helmet and some plexiglass cutouts for armor. I am hoping to make a much more accurate, detail and "functional" replication of the ESB Boba Fett costume this time around.

    A shout out to any builder's in the Fort Worth area: I live in Benbrook, and if it is not to hard or far away, I would love to get together to share ideas or even work together on the armor. I am retired at the ripe age of 45 after 24 years serving the empire in the U.S.M.C. so I have time available to devote to this and resources such as tools. I also have my own house and garage. So if any locals are interested in working together to build up a Fett suit give me a holler.

    I look forward to meeting and talking with my fellow members.


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