Questions and Clarifications

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    Questions and Clarifications

    Hello my fellow fandom'ers!! I'm a full on newbie and desperately need information an opinions! I am a seamstress and costumer and have been breaking into the Star Wars world for about 2 years. I had and internship working with a popular costumer on the 501's but now I'm off on my own and have so many questions that were not answered!!!

    SOoooooo my issue of the day is this:

    What color should I dye a boba flight suit if I don't plan on "weathering" it. I have read the 501's approval guidelines and they show that the flight suit should be light grey, however the majority of the comments I see say that light blue is the correct color. Also the majority of the images I have referenced show a light blue tone. I am super nervous about making this the correct color, as it is for a client. PLEASE HELP!!! It would help so much if there was a pantone reference number but I know there is not. So any information or informed opinions would be greatly appreciated. thank you thank you!


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    That would depend on which style boba you are going for. I believe the consensus is that ROTJ used light grey and ESB was a light blue tone.
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    Re: Questions and Clarifications

    thanks for responding steveo; that is what the regulations say, however im getting differentiating opinions from so many. If it was just up to me id go by the rules and reg.'s but i try to make sure customers get what they ask for. im just frustrated that there are so many different standards. some say ROTJ is basically light blue with tan wear or light grey with blue undertone... i really wish there was a color swatch to go by or a pantone color number. that would make it sooooooo much simpler!!! sorry im just frustrated.

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