Newbie from New York

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    Newbie from New York

    How's it going? I'm new here, I joined a couple of weeks ago after lurking for an extended period of time, trying to decide if I was actually going to try building a mandalorian suit. Well I finally decided to do it and it'll be my first time working on something like this. I've only made one costume in the past and it was mostly just sewing involved, so this is a new step for me. I already ordered a good majority of my parts (shout-out to redkraytdragon). It's actually a custom mandalorian character I came up with way back and I thought he'd be fun to dress as. I'll start throwing up my build pics once I get started.

    Well that's about it from me.

    [FONT=Helvetica]Re'turcye mhi[/FONT]

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    Re: Newbie from New York

    Hey there, welcome!! Looking forward to seeing your build. I'm gonna do a custom myself when I finish Boba as there is so much more freedom to invent whatever you like rather than stick to the accuracy. Good luck with it!

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