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    May 6, 2010, 10:19 AM - Newb here! #1

    Greetings, all.
    I've been lurking on and for a while now (as "Headcount" on both sites), and thought I'd pop in here and gain as much knowledge as possible from TDH members. I have lots of "wishful thinking" moments when I get to thinking seriously about beginning an armor build, then reality sets in. However, here I am, keeping the door open to possibilities.

    My armor interests, in no specific order: Clone Commando, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, or custom Mando. Obviously, I'd be as pleased as a pig if I could get into any one of those kits.

    You all have some pretty nice builds going on! I look forward to commenting on those, now that I've introduced myself.

    Cheers, and oya!

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