Newb from Florida

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    Newb from Florida

    Hi there! My name's Savanna and I'm from Florida. I'm very familiar with the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion, my mom and brother are both members. I have a Jedi costume to submit to the Rebel Legion next year when I turn 18, but I wanted something for the 501st to submit as well. I'd love to be a trooper of some sort (animated clones are my favorite) but at 5'2" and 100lbs, I'm not exactly your ideal trooper size.

    My ultimate dream is to have a Zam Wesell costume someday. I have done plenty of research on the costume and know that I won't be able to finish (or fund) it in time for my 18th birthday next year. But that's not stopping me! I wanted to join the boards here to get familiar with experienced Zammers and ask questions when I need. Any advice on what I should start with would be much appreciated! I figured I could start working on some of the little detailed pieces of the costume and then work up to the harder stuff. Does that sound like a good idea?

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    Re: Newb from Florida

    Welcome. Big fan of your faceyspace page.

    Not much to offer in the way of advice as I'm new here as well.

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    Re: Newb from Florida

    Wow, I saw the newbie page and saw WolfpackFangirl and instantly knew who this was and was correct.

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    Re: Newb from Florida

    CT23456 said: View Post
    Wow, I saw the newbie page and saw WolfpackFangirl and instantly knew who this was and was correct.
    Glad to know I'm well known as the Wolffe Girl then!

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    Re: Newb from Florida

    Welcome! LOVE the costume pics.

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