New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

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    New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    Hi, my names Geoff and I'm putting together (slowly) a ROTJ Boba costume.

    I'm a member of the 501st (TK 7708) and have been costuming for a number of years.

    I have a few completed costumes (click to view pics): well as a few others in various stages of completion.

    I wasn't seriously considering making a Boba Fett until I trooped an event for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (pics here) where I saw a costume up close and that was all it took. I was hooked.

    As far as my ROTJ Boba goes, progress has been slow at best. I have mainly been picking up pieces here and there--some that I shouldn't have--and these acquisitions have been sporadic at best.

    My parts list so far:

    • MOW chest/cod/shoulder armor (pre-painted by MOW--I know, I know, more pride in doing it yourself, but at least I have a decent color template for the rest of the gear)
    • CA Boots
    • Hyperfirm ROTJ blaster
    • Fettronics chest-light display
    • leather ammo belt
    • woven girth belt (undyed)
    • Hyperdyne voice changer (actually, this is a unit which I've rigged so I can swap it into all of my helmets which have speakers built into them)

    I also have a bunch of parts (fiberglass armor pieces, cheap gauntlets w/ resin parts, etc.) which I am not going to be using.

    I'm leaning towards getting a bucket from Bobamaker, unless a less expensive, but equal in quality, bucket becomes available--suggestions?

    So far I've found the collected wisdom of these forums to be invaluable and I wish I'd have referred to it earlier, before I made some purchases on ePray. Live and learn.

    This is going to be an expensive costume indeed.

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    Re: New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    Welcome to TDH mate

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    Re: New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    Yeah man, welcome to the boards, well I think alot of us can vouch for getting sca-rewed on eBay when it comes to fett stuff, (not everyone on there is bad) and you are right, it is one expensive costume!!!

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    Re: New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    Hi Geoff,

    Welcome to TDH! As far as helmets go, if you want an accurate but affordable starter helmet, you can't go wrong with a Fang Mystery Helmet. The guy who makes them goes by the name of Sgt. Fang and you can email him at Good luck with your Fett quest!

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    Re: New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    Welcome, sound like you are well on your way.

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    Re: New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    welcome aboard!

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    Re: New Victim (financially) Reporting In *PICS*

    why on earth does the Fang use AOL?

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