New Member from the UK!

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    New Member from the UK!

    Hey everyone nice to meet you my names Luke, im a 22 year old costumer from the UK and im looking to get a little help and experience with putting together a boba costume but also to make alot of new friends in a diffrent branch of costuming. I was an anime costumer originally then moved onto doing more of what I love most which would be DC comics stuff but now and looking to branch out even more into this.

    Nice to meet you.

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    Re: New Member from the UK!

    Hey Luke..

    Good to have you here bro, always good to have another UK guy aboard!
    Take time to have a very good look around at the certain details and parts that make up the Fett... but don't be afraid to ask questions! but also the search button is always a good start.

    Have fun...


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    Re: New Member from the UK!

    Welcome aboard, Luke!

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    Re: New Member from the UK!

    thanks a lot guys! really apreciate it!

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