Hi everybody,
I went several times on TDH to find armor building tips and I've been more that once amazed by the quality of some costumes.

As a LARP player, I'm in the costume/armor building hobby for a long time now, but I only made few Sci-Fi equipement (a Luxeon Lightsaber, a Nerf bases Han Solo balster and its belt, and some customized nerf guns), and no Sci-Fi Armor yet.

And few days ago, I saw the last SWTOR video game trailer, and I basically fell in love with the bounty hunter armor from the video game !

So there is a larp oriented armor project slowing growing up in my mind. I just ordered an Hasbro Clone trooper helmet and I think of using some clone trooper armor elements as bases for the armor design.

Once I have read the majors topics on the "custom bounty hunters" section, I'll may be start a topic for my project.