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    Feb 5, 2013, 2:21 AM - New to Fett in the LA area... #1


    I'm about to be a new dad here in the Los Angeles (Studio City) area and I've pretty much realized the costuming bug is my current escape. Either that or I've already breathed too much E-6000... Anyway I'm in the research phase for a ROTJ Fett. I'm just getting going here on TDH.

    I'm a fan of deals and will start monitoring the cargo hold for bits and pieces. If you're in the So Cal area and have some tips, by all means send me note.

    I'll be trooping LA Muscle Walk this Saturday as well in my TK. I'd love to meet and communicate with more Fetts in the area. Stormtroopers are more the merrier, but I'm not sure how the Fetts are for interaction...

    Thanks for having me,

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