New apprentice o_o

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    New apprentice o_o

    Hi there,

    i'm a multimedia student from germany
    Since i was a child i am a Star Wars Fan and my hobbies are drawing, 3d+2d graphics, building Star Wars Papermodels and Videogames

    Concerning helmets i own a rubies supreme and am hoping to upgrade it to a full costume and maybe replacing it/modding it, let's see

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    Re: New apprentice o_o

    Welcome to the boards! This is a GREAT place with AWESOME people!!! You've come to the right place if you want to put together the coolest costume ever!!! Ask 'em if you got 'em!

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    Re: New apprentice o_o

    Oh i got some Questions. Just have to wait to be a full member to create a new thread
    Thanks for your warm welcome

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    Re: New apprentice o_o

    High kite! (yeah, yeah, bad pun)
    Welcome. There are a few other German members here, too. I lived in Germany myself for three years from 2001-2004. I lived in Speicher, about 2 hours south of Koln.
    Have fun searching the site.

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