Member since 2012, huge lurker

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    Member since 2012, huge lurker

    Hey everyone,

    Been a member here since mid 2012, before that I lurked without a username for a couple years. I am an official Mando Merc with my custom Mando mini pictured below.


    I am starting some modifications to my original armor (all metal) and decided on a new weapon. I have seen some amazing builds on this forum and wanted to take part in a bigger capacity. Look forward to seeing you around. Also if any of you have tips on building a rotating mini gun, let me know. That is my current big project.

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    Re: Member since 2012, huge lurker

    Wow! great Mando build you have there Brother. Welcome to TDH!! "rotating mini gun" that sounds cool, I'm looking forward to seeing that build.

    Take Care.

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    Re: Member since 2012, huge lurker

    Cool custom! I like the asymmetric design.
    Kinda reminds me of a knight from the Crusades or something.

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