Hello all!
I've lurked on and off TDH for a couple of years soaking things up like a sponge. I'm part of the R2builders(hence the R4G9 name) and have a droid in progress but have had to stop working on that for the past few months due to hard times. But now am part of pre-production for a Fan Film that is set somewhere around 200 A.B.Y. so now i get to finish a droid and build armor. Info for the film part is at: http://redtriangle.forumsland.com/

Why I'm here is to learn what I can, input what I can, and to just have fun! Also am starting work on a Mando based(more like a scavenger idea) armor set. Something that would be identifiable as Mando armor but seems a little different in most ways.

Think that is all right now.

Thank all you guys/gals for the great work done for my and everyone's benefit.