1. Apr 2, 2010, 8:31 AM - Long Time Collector from Michigan #1

    Hello everybody! If anyone here is/was a member of the Star Wars Collector Union (later the Trade Federation) and/or the Michigan Star Wars Collectors Club you might remember me as DarthSzabo.

    My obsession with Boba Fett has brought me here as I seek ideas, and perhaps a little advice or help in completeing my Fett costume. Of course I will either need to drop a few pounds or make it the alternate, his little known uncle: Bubba Fett (which is an idea in and of itself).

    I collect from the OT, but due to lack of space probably wouldn't be too active in that unless I see something really cool that I just have to get and figure out an explaination for the little woman.

    I have a six year old son, and as aforementioned a wife. I served in the Marines and now work for Ford Motor Company. I have two Fett tattoos (Death's Head on left shoulder and full Fett from the cover of one of the comic covers- can't remember which) and thinking of getting a third.

    Wouldn't mind talking to old friends if they are here, but would like to make new ones as well!

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    Apr 4, 2010, 8:34 PM - Re: Long Time Collector from Michigan #2

    OT is where it's at :P Boba's why I loved Star Wars and now I've expanded to all Mandos :P But yeah...welcome! I'm new here, too.

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