Hello all, I am so glad I found you! I am a newby in every sense of the word. But for the past year I have been building my own smugglers room, (And website soon) equipped with working space ship parts, Death Star Trench poker table, droids, the works. But it is absolutely missing the key element, my man Boba.

So here is my dilemma, I have been searching around the site and I have to say you guys rock! I have downloaded templates for just about everything, and I have a fairly good grasp on what lies ahead, but I need a little help on creating my own Blaster. I haven't been able to find a thread that could lead me to a "from scratch" (easy introductory level) build. I am pretty comfortable with PVC, wood, tools, etc., but I don't have experience with some of the items I have read about (Bondo, Satrin, resin.) I need a fairly easy and quick Blaster in time for Halloween. Afterwards I will get serious on a more ideal replica for display.

Thanks for any direction that you can give me, I will be working the next few weeks and will post pics as soon as I have results.