JR from North Carolina

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    JR from North Carolina

    Hello, my name is Jim, but you can call me JR. I am a big fan of numerous aspects of the Star Wars universe, and I have already started on a generic Mandalorian armor. But I also plan on making other armors including Boba Fett and Jango Fett as well.

    I already have the Boba Fett helmet, it just needs painting and finishing. It's made of metal, I was told it was forged. I am having trouble finding the right color flight suit, any suggestions?

    I also have non-Star Wars projects. Most of those either involve my college work, charity work, or the SCA. For the Society for Creative Anachronism projects, they mainly involve Medieval armor and fighting, food, or alcohol. Speaking of food, I am also an award winning baker trying to branch out into other fields of cooking. I occasionally do work as a Developmental Chef so I am always trying new ways to prepare food.

    I have just started my journey as an Engineer In Training so I am interested in ways to build from scratch. I have a lot of CAD experience, but I am just beginning to take CNC and CAM classes. I am hoping to combine my interests, hobbies, and training with projects like building as much of my Dented Helmet costume from scratch as I can. Anything I cannot build from scratch, I would like to later rebuild from scratch.

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    Re: JR from North Carolina

    Welcome to the site. Good to see another NCer here.

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    Re: JR from North Carolina

    <-----is in DURHAM~!

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    Re: JR from North Carolina

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    <-----is in DURHAM~!
    You should come out to one of the Merc's armor parties. They are in Mooresville. More info here: Login

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