Hi from the Netherlands

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    Hi from the Netherlands

    My name on this forum is Dana. I'm mostly active on the Mandalorian Mercs forum, because I'm making a costum Mando.
    My son Xyyyr already has his costume finished. I converted a Hasbro helmet for him.
    This forum gives me a lot of additional information, thank you'all! I'm getting close to the stage to start weathering my plates. I've seen a lot of info on this forum, so I have some reading to do!
    I hope to be finished bij mid-April, when we go the the Elf Fantasy Fair, a big convention in the Netherlands. We'll team up with the German Jai'galaar Clan, with whom we've been trooping last year.

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    Re: Hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome! There's so much great information and people in TDH, I'm sure you're gonna like it here.

    Sounds that you'll fit right in... Keep us posted about your costume progress. And don't forget to post pics!


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