Hey from the UK

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    Hey from the UK

    Hey All

    My Name (as my username says) is Tony Jay. I'm working my way towards my first Mando, and am hoping to have him finished by late September, all things going well.

    I'm sure a few of the UK based members will know me and I'm hoping they, along with others, will help me get myself sorted, and into my Beskar'gam.

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    Re: Hey from the UK

    Welcome aboard bruv.. from a fellow UK'er

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    Re: Hey from the UK

    Pish posh.... blah, blah, blah UK.... Just kiddin, bruv. Welcome aboard. You guys get all the cool toys, like Jeremy Bullock, for instance.

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    Re: Hey from the UK

    Howdy Tony, and welcome, from another UK'er :-)

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    Re: Hey from the UK

    Hey Tony, glad to see you finally made your way on here.

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    Re: Hey from the UK

    Thanks for the welcome Guys.

    And, yeah I've only been meaning to get on here for about a year :P

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