Hello from a newbie

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    Hello from a newbie

    Hello all, my name is stussy (german for "nonsense" although I don't have a bit of german in me I was given that name a long long time ago and it has sticked.

    I live in Canada and have been a star wars fan since it all began. Boba Fett has to be the coolest bounty hunter of all time.

    My goal here is to put together a life size Boba Fett in my "Game Room". The biggest problem I will have is finding things available to me in my small city. I don't have alot of resources at hand for finding alot of the materials needed to make the costume.

    So with alot of reading on scratchbuilding and techniques, here I go. Or should I say, here I begin.


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    Re: Hello from a newbie

    You are definately in the right place, good luck.

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    Re: Hello from a newbie

    Welcome and good luck, friend!!!!!!!!!

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