Hello, I 'm ZamWesell80

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    Hello, I 'm ZamWesell80

    I am a European girl, I will begin to make my costume Zam Wesell.
    For months I am reading posts and learning from all the people who have made a tailored Zam.
    I think it was time to introduce myself. I already have some parts of the suit. I hope to put my costume progress and share with you.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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    Re: Hello, I 'm ZamWesell80

    Welcome to TDH happy to have you with us. The more Zams the better
    Good luck with your build

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    Re: Hello, I 'm ZamWesell80

    Welcome, Euros seem to find this site more and more! going to check your build.

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    Re: Hello, I 'm ZamWesell80

    Welcome, looking forward to following your progress.

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