Hello From Dutchess County, NY

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    Hello From Dutchess County, NY

    HI, I'm new to the board. I am a life long Star Wars fan. The Star Wars Universe and punk rock/hardcore are probably the two biggest influences on my life. Boba Fett has been my favorite character since I first bought the action figure.

    I'm in my mid/late 30's. A dad, librarian, and I moonlight in in nightclub and concert security. My other interests include baseball, music, martial arts/fighting systems, and outdoors type stuff.

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    Re: Hello From Dutchess County, NY

    Welcome to the home of all things fett. If you are looking to build a suit, do LOTS of research, and stay away from eBay and the rubies costume.

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    Re: Hello From Dutchess County, NY

    Hi and welcome to the forum

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