Hello from DK

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    Hello from DK

    Hi my name is Christian and I am from Denmark.

    I am one of the organizers at this years Game Development Camp. The camp is for 72 high school students, they will apply for one of three roles: programmer, 2D artist and 3D artist. They will be put in one of 12 groups consisting of three programmers, two 3D artists and one 2D. Each group will then have a week to create a video game.
    They will develop the concept for their game themselves.

    I got a little side tracked. However, at the very last day there is a party and costumes are required. The theme is of course video games and I thought, that I should dress up as Boba Fett. Cool, huh!

    I do not have a job and my second year in Digital Entertainment at the university, doesn't start until September. So that leaves me with plenty of time (p.s. the camp is in three months).

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    Re: Hello from DK

    Hello! Welcome to the boards. Look no further than here for how to create a great looking Boba Fett. You can spend as much or a little as you want. Just search the threads and poke around.
    Again Welcome!

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