Hello from DAVIDYR1

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    Hello from DAVIDYR1

    Hi everyone!
    Lots of familiar faces here, and even more cool stuff to see and read about....to which I hope to be able to contribute in some small way myself.

    A bit about me....I'm David and have been using this same ID pretty much everywhere since 2001, and have been wanting to join this most awesome of places for some time now. I run Universal Designs Ltd., and our website is Universal Designs Ltd. . We used to primarily be a costume making company until 2008, but since then have shifted our product focus exclusively to leather outwear/movie replica motorcycle suits.

    Looking forward to rubbing elbows with those of you already know, and certainly looking forward to making new friendships as well.

    May the Force be with you all!


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    Re: Hello from DAVIDYR1

    Welcome David!

    You skipped DC this year too?


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    Re: Hello from DAVIDYR1

    Hey buddy! Good to see you.

    We just had The FanExpo here last weekend in Toronto... and DC is the following weekend after it...too much to do in too short a time so sadly, no for me as well.


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    Re: Hello from DAVIDYR1

    Great to see you here David It's been a long time !


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    Re: Hello from DAVIDYR1

    Welcome aboard! And here"s already the first question: Will there be a release of the Bruce Wayne Jacket?

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    Re: Hello from DAVIDYR1

    Great to see a familar face on here. I've had the pleasure of knowing David for about 11 years now. A true artist, craftsman, and true professional.


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