Hello everyone!!! I live in Catonsville MD and I am currently building my TB costume. Grad school has made finishing a several year progress. I have been a member of Bikerscout.net and I need to check in with them again. But, I like looking at the different costume boards to see what others have done. I am currently building an ELG-3A pistol, an E-11 blaster and the DL-44 [sic?] Han solo blaster. I made a DC-15 blaster rifle to scale for my son but he said it was too big. It is not exactly movie accurate but I like it so I used it for some of my son's parties. I do have the Biker Pistol...but it does not get as much respect as the blaster rifle.

Anyway, I hope to pick up some tips and pass on any information I have acquired.


(pending TB)