Hello :)

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    Hello :)

    Hi all.
    I have been a very long time lurker (first time poster) as I fell in love with Zam's costume all those years ago but never got around to making it. Still would love to make Zam one day but only if the cost of the neoprene goes down enough

    Anyway I recently got bitten by the Bounty Hunter bug again and have started a project I hope to finish in a reasonable amount of time. (Just about to post that WIP thread in the appropriate forum).

    I have been a costume maker for years mainly working in fabrics and historical patterning (ask me about Spanish tailors of the 16th and 17thC ) but have many movie and Star Wars specific costumes.

    Last year I went about learning to resin and fibreglass and wound up with a Slave Leia costume. So this year I am trying a few other solid costume parts

    Got a few tutorials as well as a gallery of my costume work on there

    So hopefully I'll be a round a while and maybe in a decade I'll get that Zam sorted

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    Re: Hello :)

    Welcome to zee fray.

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    Re: Hello :)

    Wow, your stuff is amazing! Welcome to the family.

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    Re: Hello :)

    Thank you both As I said, very long time lurker Though I do wonder if I did register at one stage. I may have to go hunt to see

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